17 August 2012


carnevaleCARNIVAL IN VENICE 2013

The Venice Carnival has its roots in the past but looks to the future giving an atmosphere and a unique flavor, a mix of history, charm and excess. Now become a global phenomenon of tourism, firmly maintains its tradition and its spirit. The Carnival of Venice today as yesterday is a wonderful festival that manages to embrace the tastes of a diverse audience of all ages.

At the same time refined and old, Carnival for centuries has been a waiver of all moral norms, the home of total offense and lust, free zone in order to achieve even the most hidden desires. The most important days of Carnival are traditionally on Shrove Tuesday, which precedes the beginning of Lent (Ash Wednesday), as well as the Carnival Thursday, a celebration of the anniversary of the defeat of Ulrich, and of course the weekend, where ‘ influx of tourists, and therefore the activities are far superior.
Official holidays, but not limited to, at the great Venetian palaces are hundreds of private parties and masked balls, with a frame remained unchanged over time due to period furniture. The edition of the Venice Carnival 2013 will take place on February 4 to 21, and is definitely an issue, “long”, which will enrich and liven life in Venice for three weekends instead of the usual two, with a packed program of events , parties, fashion shows. The core, the heart of the Carnival as every year is in Piazza San Marco, hence the celebrations will start with the infamous Flight of the Dove (or Angel’s Flight, or Turkish), and always there will be the Feast of Marie an ‘ancient and beloved historical re-enactment introduced nell’annus 943 AD domains as a blessing of the brides, with musicians, various artists, ancient games of popular origin, and tournaments. In Piazza San Marco will host the Dance of the Hours, a fireworks display accompanied by competitions costume, dress parades and live music. >”>Discover all the appointments in the Program page of the Carnival of Venice >>

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